Home Automation

Smart Home Technology

SWASTIK'S  innovative Home Automation is designed to bring together all of the brilliant Home Technological Innovations, Media Contents and Internet Connection that is, when working in live concert, results in efficient and comfortable way of life. At SWASTIK, we combine all of these  interesting  Home Management functionalities and place it at your comfort through smooth and user friendly Software  that is already a part of life for many people using IOSand ANDROID™ devices.

Enjoy the greatest comfort of a custom-tailored Smart Home that easily joins and controls several brilliant management services  and devices at the same time, easily syncing plenty of instructions to suit each household member's choices.

Smart Home Automation Solutions:

  • As you walk through the door, enjoy Home Automation by pressing the Home button to on
    light in the home, set a pre-determined temperature, play your favourite songs and movies.
  • As you set off, press the Away button for automated lighting control that changes off and closes
    lights and shades, air conditioner, and trigger your security system.
  • Make a scene for  morning -  open the shades,  play a song or start your preferred TV  Programme.
  • Perform any of these home management feature and more when away from home using SWASTIK'S
    Home Automation Application on your IOS and ANDROID devices.

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