Audio Video Control

Unique AV Solutions from SWASTIK

With a fully incorporated Audio Video Solution, turn the Family Media room or expertly designed Home Theater into the ultimate watching experience.

Make simpler  "Movie Night"
Just with a Single Touch of a button from an IOS or ANDROID device, your Home Theatre  can cue up your preferred  movie, dim lights, close blinds, set a predetermined temperature and many more.

  • Enable heart-pounding 7.1 encompass sound.
  • Stream HD 1080p video.
  • Access and stream content from online sources such as YouTube & many more.
  • Complete AV control.


Music to Everyone's Ears

Swastik's Multi room audio systems can fulfil the critical ear of any smart or informal listener.

Whether you are having a house party or want to listen soothing music,  create the desired atmosphere by sound from different sources.

Your Device is dynamic source of entertainment

Any IOS and ANDROID device  becomes an effective media player in your home’s audio video system. Simply link  your device or a friend's Device  to  your wireless network and the media content loaded on each device can be distributed to any room wirelessly.

Music, Movies and more : Centrally Stored

A Smart System from SWASTIK  is well-equipped for AV management and controls the  media server that provides a acquainted jukebox experience.